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Advanced Course for Dreamers

ExtraordinaryPosted by Bernardo Thu, October 17, 2013 19:49:56
There are not many who know that our spiritual companions/teachers are constantly communicating with our unconscious minds and that they largely do so through our dreams.

If we are able to make ourselves aware that we are dreaming, while we are dreaming, then we can meet these teachers (Kachinas) in an awaken state, in the dream.
To seek our Dream Teachers, known as Kachinas, we must prepare by training ourselves to fall asleep lying on our back in the so called 'dead-man position' or 'avasana' and in a state of complete relaxation.
We must totally relax before falling asleep and be able to sleep on our back all night.
Learn very thoroughly the following procedure, which you are to carry out in the dream, as soon as you notice that a dream has started. Train it in into your unconscious by repeating it mentally, over and over again until you fall asleep.
The procedure :
“When the dream starts tonight, I will recognize it as a dream and think: "Ah! I am dreaming!" or "Wow, this is a dream!" or any other thought of the kind. I look for my reflection in a mirror or water surface or otherwise as to recognize that it is actually me who is dreaming . Then I sit with my legs crossed. I rest my right hand on my left hand and with my thumbs I make a triangle in front of my belly button. I close my eyes and focus them on the third eye and wait for a movement or locomotion. When the movement has taken place, I open my eyes and look for my "power spot". My “power spot” is a place that feels positive, attractive, powerful, loving, comfortable, beautiful. I go to my "power spot", sit there and call out:
- "Kachinas of the Light! come to my circle and invite me to dance with you" or "Dream Teachers of the Light, I ask you to come and take me to Dance in Your Circles" or "Kachinas of the Light come to me. I am seeking your help" or any other similar prayer.
Then I wait without predetermined ideas about how my Dream Teacher would look like, because they can come in any form or shape.
It is very IMPORTANT to mention "... of the LIGHT" because there are some nasty spirits out there who can come forward and interfere and make a mess of everything.
Talk to who ever comes to your presence. Take the opportunity to ask difficult and important questions. He/She/They is/are your Dream Teacher/s.
You must not stay awake and imagine things . YOU MUST SLEEP, in the correct position; flat on your back. Of course it is important that you mentally train during the day on what you have to do when you're dreaming, so that you will be able to make yourself aware that you are dreaming.
The more you think about it during the day, the stronger becomes your intention and determination. But you will encounter your Dream Teachers in the DREAM, not in meditations, imaginations, visualizations or fantasies.
I will take it from the beginning again:
You learn what you should do in the dream, step by step:
1st - Now I am dreaming! or Aha! This is a dream!
2nd - You look somewhere for your reflection.
3rd - If you do not recognize yourself, let your dream continue and don't act in it, but just observe. If you do recognize yourself, sit down right hand resting on the left hand. The thumbs making a triangle in front of the navel. Close your eyes, as in the dream you have them opened. Focus your eyes on the third eye.
4th - A motion or movement occurs.
5th - When the movement stops, open your eyes and find your "power spot".
6th - You sit on your "power spot" and from there you call your Dream Teacher of the LIGHT with reverence and respect.
7th - You welcome your Dream Teacher/s or Kashinas in whatever form they may present themselves to you.
Step No. 1 is important because it is a decision you must IMPRINT into your consciousness, so that it will pop up in your dream and make you realize you are dreaming, without waking you from your sleep.
Step No. 2 is also important because you want to be sure that it is not someone else who is dreaming your dream; a so called 'impostor'.
Sweet Dreams!

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