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Yellow Wolf's protection

SpiritualityPosted by Bernardo Wed, April 30, 2014 20:58:01

The whites call me Yellow Wolf, but I take that as a nick-name. My true name is different, and is after the Spirit which gave me promise of its power as a warrior.

I am Heinmot Hihhih, which means White Thunder. Yellow Wolf is not my own chosen name.
It was in the moon you call May when my parents again sent me out. This time it was to the wildest part of the mountains. To a place beyond Kemei Koois. Gave me one blanket, but no food. I might go fifteen, maybe twenty, suns with nothing to eat. But could drink water aplenty. Only trees for shelter, and fir brush to sleep on. I might stay in one place three nights, maybe five nights, then go somewhere else. Nobody around, just myself. No weapons, for nothing would hurt me. No children ever get hurt when out on such business.
After going so many suns without food I was sleeping. It was just like dreaming, what I saw. A form stood in the air fronting me.
It talked to me in plain language, telling me:

"My boy, look at me! You do as I am telling you, and you will be as I am. Take a good look at me! I will give you my power; what I have got. You may think I am nothing! You may think I am only bones! But I am alive! You can see me! I am talking to you! I am Hemene Moxmox [Yellow Wolf]."

It was a Spirit of a wolf that appeared to me. Yellow-like color, it sort of floated in the air. Like a human being it talked to me, and gave me its power.
This Spirit [now he is referring to his protector Spirit - Heinmot Hihhih] told me never to be mean. Never hurt even a dog without cause. To do nothing violent only as had to be done. When in war, this Spirit wanted me to be alone. For this reason did I scout mostly alone on our retreat. Sometimes I never ate for three or four days. Only drank water. Water is medicine for everything.
What I am giving you is from my heart. I could have been dead many times only for this Spirit protection.

For all this I am thankful. Happy for it all.

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