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Everything is relative, but the Absolute.

SpiritualityPosted by Bernardo Sun, May 12, 2013 15:50:19
There is no time, no space, no matter and no energy.

The mind interprets messages from the senses and creates a dream-awake we call "reality".

This illusion is all we have to relate to within the relative realm of our existence.

- But if that which the senses seem to perceive is not real, what is it?

- It is a manifestation of consciousness. We could call it the "shadow" of Reality.

The senses are limitations rather than instruments for a possible experience of Reality.

That which is real exits only in the realm of Absolute Consciousness.

In that realm; Will, Love and Wisdom are Consciousness; individually as well as together.

Thus 1+1+1=1

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