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The Illusion of Free Will.

SpiritualityPosted by Bernardo Sun, March 02, 2014 16:22:07
Most people agree that we, as humans have a free will. The proof of it is that we constantly are confronted with different alternatives and are compelled to make choices.
Oh! Mind Oh! Mind! What a very clever monkey you are.
The moment we decide to depart from our Spiritual Home and take physical form, we surrender our free will in exchange for a mind... a mind with the shape of a monkey and the strength of a buffalo.
Mind keeps creating all sorts of better alternatives we could have chosen and keeps tormenting us with guilt, as we cannot go back to change the past. But in reality, there was only one alternative we could have chosen and that is the one which we can now see in the back mirror of your lives.
Those who believe they posses a free will ought to try and take a step out of their minds for just a short moment... a short moment of Enlightenment.

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