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The duty of a king

ReligionPosted by Bernardo Sat, February 08, 2014 13:33:25
Lying on a bed of arrows, Bhishma teaches Yudhisthira governance:

"O Yudhisthira,
The duty of a king is to engage himself in doing good to the world,
sacrificing his own pleasures.
The best king is he whose countrymen live under him without fear,
like sons in the house of their father.
The king must conquer his own self completely.
Only then will his enemies be conquered.
He should avoid lust and anger. He must follow the path of duty and
bring economic security to all.
If the king heavily taxes his subjects - motivated by the hope of gaining wealth
for himself - he brings about his own ruin.
My son, never oppress the poor and downtrodden; remember the tears that fall
from the falsely accused soon destroy the sons and cattle of the oppressor.
A king should seek to retain his power by any means other than war.
Victory bought at the expense of battle is the basest of all victories.
Greed is the root cause of sin. Therefore, the self-controlled person
constantly seeks to destroy avarice and the delusion it fosters.
Treat others as thou wouldst thyself be treated."

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