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SpiritualityPosted by Bernardo Sat, November 02, 2013 13:41:09
The idea of a God who millions of years ago created the universe and then leaned back to watch what would happen, is childish ignorance. Although He is thought to be "all-knowing", He would be passing judgement over events that He left out of His will and out of His control. That He then needed to send prophets and even “His only begotten son” to make adjustments and that He now would be issuing punishments and rewards according to rules and laws that He did not explicitly put in place from the beginning. And in spite all that He is to be considered "perfect". RUBBISH!

Let me explain:

The past does not exist nor does the future; not even for God Himself.

The past is only an illusion that the mind creates out of the images, stored in the archives of memory, of the changes that occurred in present moments that no longer exist.

The future is only fantasies our minds generate, as expectations of coming changes in present moments that have not yet come into existence.

Thus is God creating the universe right here and now in the very present, which is timeless and eternal. And He is doing it from within you.

You are yourself that element of creation which is closest to God the Creator; as it is through your mind He is creating the changes of the present, the illusions of the past and the fantasies of the future; then how could you ever do anything wrong?

With the understanding of this Absolute Truth... RELAX... and observe... just observe... observe objectively... without judgement... and don't worry... and BE HAPPY.

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