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Aitareya Upanishad

ReligionPosted by Bernardo Tue, April 29, 2014 20:35:02

Before creation, all that existed was the Self, the Self alone.
Nothing else was. Then the Self thought: "Let me send forth the worlds."
He sent forth these worlds: Ambhas, the highest world, above the sky and upheld by it; Marichi, the sky; Mara, the mortal world, the earth; and Apa, the world beneath the earth.
He thought: "Behold the worlds. Let me now send forth the guardians." Then he sent forth the guardians.
He thought: "Behold these worlds and the guardians of these worlds. Let me send forth food for the guardians." Then he sent forth food for them.
He thought: "How shall there be guardians and I have no part in them?
"If, without me, speech utters, breath is drawn, eyes sees, ear hears, skin feels, mind thinks, sex organs procreate, then what am I?"
He thought: "Let me enter the guardians." Whereupon, opening the center of their skulls, he entered. The door by which he entered is called the door of bliss.*

* The sages declare that this door of bliss, the highest center of spiritual consciousness, technically known as the sahashrara, the thousand-petaled lotus, is situated in subtle form in the center of the brain. When the yogi, absorbed in meditation, contacts this center, he realizes his unity with Brahman.

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